Retently + Zapier

Get access to 750+ services using Zapier integration

Retently's Most Popular Zaps

Intercom + Retently

Zapier allows you to import your Intercom contacts to Retently based on triggered actions, such as: new user created, conversation created or user unsubscribed from emails. You can also create a Zap to export customer responses to Intercom and segment them by NPS scores.

Retently + Slack

Zapier gives you the possibility to send new customer score and feedback to a Slack channel, so you can work together with your team to successfully close the feedback loop. You can also create a Zap that will send new feedback as a direct message to any team member (ex: to the Customer Success Manager

Retently + Salesforce

Automatically import new Salesforce contacts to your Retently account. You can also export customer feedback to Salesforce and create new custom objects that will help you segment your customers based on their scores.

Retently + Magento

Automatically import new customers from Magento to your Retently account. You can also send NPS surveys each time a customer orders a product or receive an invoice.

Retently + Zendesk

Eliminate the frustrations associated with managing and creating tickets with Zendesk. Create a ticket for each customer feedback you receive and import new contacts to Retently to automatically survey them. Also import users that opened a ticket and survey them later after the ticket has been closed.

Retently + GoogleSheets

Use Zapier to automatically import and map new contacts you add to your Google Sheet. Export customer feedback to a Google Sheet, which you can then share with your team and work together towards accomplishing the best in class experience for your customers.

InfusionSoft + Retently

Zapier gives you the possibility to connect InfusionSoft with Retently and create a powerful transactional NPS workflow. You can import new subscribers, users that unsubscribed, users that received an invoice, or any other subscribers based on the contact actions.

Shopify + Retently

Integration with Shopify via Zapier will allow your business to be on top of your sales on one the the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. Your customers will be automatically sent an NPS survey each time they make a purchase. You can also survey customers that canceled an order and collect actionable feedback.

Stripe + Retently

This zap will import new customers from your Stripe on Retently. Stay connected with them through Retently by collecting feedback, behaviour and the overall customer satisfaction.

Retently + Freshdesk

Import and automatically survey your customers on an ongoing basis, as well as import users that already opened a ticket and survey them later after the ticket has been closed. Zapier also allows you to create a new ticket in Freshdesk for each written comment you receive.

These are the Top 10 services our customers are connected to through our native Zapier integration. You can connect with over 750 services on the Zapier platform and create thousands of other automation scenarios. Go to our integration page on Zapier and check all the possibilities.