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Slack integration

Timing and teamwork is of essence in an efficient Net Promoter Score campaign. Slack integration gives you the possibility to be immediately notified about new customer feedback with your team so you can start acting on it and close the feedback loop as soon as possible.

Receive real-time notifications on NPS scores and customer feedback to your Slack channels. Activate Slack integration in your Retently account to stay on track with all your customer data and behaviour.

You and your team can work together towards finding the best solution for customers’ requests or issues and effectively close the feedback loop.

Quick and easy to setup, you can use our Slack Integration to have immediate notifications, as well as daily and weekly digests about your NPS scores and customer feedback.

Learn how to set up Slack

Setup a custom workflow and choose Slack as a delivery channel. You will be able to get notifications for the following events:

  • New customer score
  • New non-respondent: someone who opened a survey but did not clicked on any score within 5 minutes
  • NPS score goes DOWN / UP
  • Customer unsubscribed from surveys
  • API call (choose one of the available API events)

Connect to Slack in two simple steps:

1. Integrate:

Go to your Integrations page in your Settings menu and select the native Slack integration.

2. Authorize:

You will be asked to log in to your Slack account and authorize Retently integration.

How does Slack notifications work?

Notifications are the core functionality of our Slack integration. Every time a customer gives you a score or leaves a feedback, you will receive a realtime notification to your Slack channel. You can also set notifications periodicity to daily or weekly.

Follow these instructions to configure Slack notifications:

  1. Go to the Notifications page in your Settings menu
  2. Click on the Add new notification button
  3. Choose the type of feedback you want to be notified about
  4. You can trigger the notification as soon as a certain segment of your customers fills out the survey.
  1. Select the notification frequency: immediate, daily or weekly
  2. Check the Send in Slack option and choose the channel you wish to post to
  3. Repeat this process to create a new notification with different conditions