Send new customer feedback alerts to Slack

Receive real-time notifications on new feedback in your Slack channels to immediately resolve reported issues or engage with satisfied customers.

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Send new customer feedback alerts to Slack

Track and improve customer satisfaction

Use Retently to get a constant pulse on your customer satisfaction and gain an accurate understanding of how your brand, product, or service is perceived.

Uncover areas that require improvements or strengths that put you ahead of your competition.

Send immediate, daily, or weekly alerts to Slack

Receive immediate Slack alerts when customers leave new feedback so that you can follow up with the survey respondents and close the feedback loop in a timely manner.

Keep your team updated on your customers' satisfaction with daily or weekly digest alerts in Slack.

Custom Slack alerts

Configure custom Slack alerts to send new feedback updates to relevant departments or team members, based on the campaign's targeted audience.

Integrate code-free, no developers required

Integrate Slack and Retently quickly and hassle-free!

The integration is code-free and doesn’t require developers - just authorize your Slack.

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