Customer surveys for Intercom

Customer surveys integrated with Intercom Messenger.

Collect and analyze customer feedback and add it to Intercom as tags, events, or custom attributes.

Trigger NPS surveys and see the results directly in Intercom.

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Intercom messenger

Survey customers via Intercom Messenger

Automatically gather NPS scores and customer feedback within the Intercom Messenger using Retently. Easily respond to feedback inside the Messenger. Make surveys an integral part of your customer communication.

Send automated surveys by email

Reach offline customers with email surveys. Automatically follow up with the ones who did not provide a reply in the Intercom Messenger or to your in-app surveys.

Intercom surveys
Intercom segments

Collect data and manage customer segments

Sync customer data from Intercom to Retently and back to easily filter NPS results by customer segment, region, product or any custom field available in Intercom. Segment your customers based on their NPS scores.

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Integrate code-free, no developers required

Integrate in under a minute! The integration is code-free and doesn’t require developers - just authorize your Intercom account, create a new campaign, and start collecting customer feedback.

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