Retently + Intercom

Manage customer communication and user engagement with Intercom

Intercom integration

A good Net Promoter Score service should be able to easily integrate with your main customer interaction tool, such as Intercom, in order to automatically sync your customer data and export feedback so that you can provide a personalized experience to all your customers.

Intercom integration is a great solution for managing customer communication and user engagement.

It allows you to automate your Net Promoter Score process, such as importing your customers from Intercom or automatically triggering Retently NPS surveys based on customer lifecycle.

Learn how to set up Intercom

  • Automatically import customers and keep them synced
  • Survey customers based on Intercom triggered events
  • Segment customers in Intercom based on their scores

Connect with Intercom in three easy steps:

1. Integrate:

Connect to your Intercom account via its native integration with Retently

2. Import:

Hit the Sync button to import your customer list

3. Automate:

Turn on the auto-sync to automatically import new customers

Works great with Zapier

Zapier allows you to create more targeted workflows with Intercom which will help you
gain more insights into customer satisfaction and improve your NPS processes.

Try these three zaps to learn more about your customers:

Import customers based on action:
Import Intercom customers based on triggered actions such as: new user created or conversation created.

Import unsubscribed customers:
Import customers that unsubscribed and send them exit surveys.

Export feedback:
Export survey feedback to Intercom and segment customers based on score.