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Our automated survey platform will help you acquire higher response rates, actionable customer feedback and maximum business growth.

Survey campaigns
Survey campaigns Run multiple campaigns to survey different audience segments based on pre-defined schedules or events triggered in another app.
Cross-channel surveys
Cross-channel surveys Combine email and in-app templates to reach your customers on the channels they're most likely to engage with your surveys.
Advanced template editor
Advanced template editor Customize the survey templates’ styling and language, and personalize the follow-up question based on the provided feedback.
Highest survey deliverability
Highest survey deliverability Ensure a greater response rate by using your domain, A/B testing subject lines and having your audience checked for deliverability.
Survey delivery timeline
Survey delivery timeline View all the surveys that were sent to your audience and keep track of the ones scheduled for delivery.
Automation playbooks
Automation playbooks Easily automate various processes and create custom scenarios by using workflows and webhooks. Connect other 1500+ apps.
Data segmentation
Data segmentation Segment your audience and send targeted surveys. Visualize the insights in advanced reports. Access and export your data without restrictions.
Industry benchmarks
Industry benchmarks Compare your survey results with the average for your industry and learn where you stand among the competition.

Retently Integrations

Create custom automations and workflows such as importing and syncing new customers, triggering transactional surveys, adding survey results and feedback as custom fields into other systems, and more.

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What customers are saying

Companies from across the globe choose Retently to fuel their business growth

Keith Hayden

Retently has played a big role in helping us to reduce churn by acting quickly on the feedback provided and get quotes and testimonials. Fantastic support team, which is always on hand to help with any questions. I would highly recommend it!

Keith Hayden Customer Marketing @ Roomex
Elizabeth Lang

Retently is the only tool that we have reviewed that scored 95% on our scorecard, and we have been left extremely satisfied and surprised about the genuine greatness of this product. I will definitely recommend Retently.

Elizabeth Lang Digital Marketing @ Taxfix
Chris Brubaker

We've been blown away by the response rate of in-app surveys.

Using our old solution, our response rate was about 13%. Over the last 24 hours, our response rate has been 52%.

This has been a fantastic result and I really appreciate how responsive and helpful Retently has been.

Chris Brubaker SVP, Marketing @ Suki
Anja Hartzell

The product is easy to use, yet includes a lot of relevant features, and gives us a great overview of the NPS results. The service is exceptionally good. We always receive instant answers to any question and personal demonstrations if it's required.

Anja Hartzell Customer Success Officer @ Wizdom Intranet
Nicolas Costa

The product is super simple to set up and manage. Very intuitive. But the best of all is their support. They are literally always available to dedicate time to me and my business challenges.

Nicolas Costa Director of Customer Operations @ Koombea
Kellie Andrews

I really like how intuitive and easy it was for me to send my first survey. I was able to upload a logo, customize questions, link to my MailChimp customer list, and send the survey in under 20 minutes. You can't beat that!

Kellie Andrews Founder and Chief Connector @ Huntsville Hub
Nerissa Roberts

Everything is easy to find and is very flexible. The support from the Product team is outstanding and will often take suggestions from clients and implement, I feel like my voice and concerns are being heard.

Nerissa Roberts Senior Operations Manager @ Forgood
Christian Arzt

Great customer service! Really fast and solution oriented. Just keep on going.

Christian Arzt Business Development Manager @ Dr. Peters Group
Martin Guindon

We've been really happy with the software AND the support provided by your team!

Martin Guindon Director, Systems & Business Intelligence @ Absolunet
Derk Ihler

It's easy to set up and use. And it simply works.

Derk Ihler Head of Customer Success @ HQLabs GmbH
Tim Niziak

Great customer experience, very accommodating to our company's ever-changing list of requirements.

Tim Niziak Digital Marketing Manager @ PureCars
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