What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is a customer satisfaction metric and an alternative to traditional loyalty surveys. The NPS survey asks just one-question “How likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend or colleague?”. The customers answer on a scale from 0 to 10 and are further categorized into three segments: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. The score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. Read more about NPS on our blog (2 min read).

Net Promoter Score calculation

Measure customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score

Retently helps you efficiently measure customer satisfaction, collect valuable client feedback that you can act on, prevent customer churn and turn detractors into promoters.

How does Retently work?

Retently will send your customers a single question satisfaction survey. They’ll give your business a score and provide additional feedback. Your Net Promoter Score will be calculated based on the survey responses.

step 1

Customize your customer satisfaction survey

Easily customize your NPS survey email with your logo, images, fonts, and colors so that it matches your brand's identity. Send the survey in your native language.

Customize NPS survey email
step 2

Import customers' data

Add your customers manually, upload a CSV file or import them via one of our integrations with various CRM, email marketing, helpdesk, marketing automation and billing products.

Import customers to Retently
step 3

Measure customer satisfaction

Send the survey to all or a few customers right away. Update the automation settings to match your business requirements.

Track customer satisfaction
step 4

Close the feedback loop

Consider customers’ feedback seriously and differentiate your business from competitors. Turn your Promoters into brand advocates and delight your Passives and Detractors.

Import customers to Retently
step 5

Turn promoters into brand advocates

Turn your promoters into brand advocates, generate word-of-mouth referrals and fuel your business growth without spending as much on traditional advertising or inbound marketing.

Import customers to Retently

Why has Code Kingdom chosen Retently?

“Retently was incredibly simple and intuitive to use, easy to set up. I've used other Net Promoter services and to be honest they have not quite have the same kind of polish or intuitive way of navigate in them.”

Ross Targett, Co-Founder @ Code Kingdoms


Retently integrations

Connect Retently to your favorite business products and services.
Visit our Integrations page for more details and usage scenarios.


Synchronize and survey your Mailchimp contacts.


Sync and survey your contacts and export NPS data.


A single integration with over 1,000 services.


Synchronize and survey your leads and customers.


Synchronize and survey your Shopify store customers.

Microsoft Dynamics

Sync and survey your contacts and export NPS data.


Synchronize and survey your leads and customers.


Get real-time notifications for your NPS score updates.

Constant Contact

Synchronize and survey your subscriber lists.

Campaign Monitor

Sync and survey your Campaign Monitor contacts.


Synchronize and survey your AWeber contact lists.


Sync and survey your GetResponse contact lists.