JRB prioritizes CX, building lasting relationships that drive customer LTV

JRB prioritizes CX, building lasting relationships that drive customer LTV

Jones Road Beauty Overview

Jones Road Beauty was founded in 2020 by world-renowned makeup artist and serial entrepreneur Bobbi Brown on the philosophy that the world doesn’t need more but better beauty products. JRB is a growing collection of clean, high-grade, and indispensable makeup products designed for all ages, skin types, and skin tones.

According to its founder, the brand was born from a search for something that didn't yet exist: easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could nail any look. By relying on a lifetime beauty experience and eliminating over 2,700 potentially toxic ingredients from their formulas, they can provide makeup products that are both clean and high-performance. JRB is sold exclusively online.

Jones Road Beauty’s Challenges

With the increased emphasis on privacy and data protection, it became critical for brands to find ways to keep their customers engaged and loyal. This requires a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences, as well as a focus on delivering personalized, relevant experiences that meet their expectations.

The brand was well aware of the importance of focusing more on retention and creating memorable customer experiences via a holistic CX strategy. But it was only when Eli Weiss, Sr Director of CX, joined the team that their customer experience efforts were driven to another level.

Given the brand’s growing client base, they needed an efficient way to automatically collect customer data in real-time, be notified of critical feedback, segment and analyze customer responses to surface CX trends, and be able to share the findings across teams for more context.

The company was well aware of NPS and knew success is determined by how much customers love your brand; hence, the key was to increase customer loyalty and turn happy customers into brand advocates. However, providing a truly personalized experience requires using an automation platform to streamline the processes. Reaching out to all, asking what they loved about the brand, and converting feedback into actionable data on their own would have taken too much time, money, and effort.

Jones Road Beauty was also looking for a more efficient way to connect with unhappy customers and learn more about their pain points and how they can improve their experience. Basically, if an issue had to be fixed to improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty, they wanted to be notified immediately to look into it. They wanted to learn how and why to prioritize by tapping into customers’ wants and needs.

Jones Road Beauty had clients from all over the world; therefore, they also needed an easier way to approach the brand’s diverse audience and keep track of their specifics. The company required a productive way to send out personalized feedback surveys, allowing them to group data by customer segment (like geographic region or payment method) and easier sift through the received feedback.

All in all, they needed a tool that would save them time while providing actionable insights on how clients interact with the brand, their perception of the products, and possible roadblocks in their journey - it’s all about understanding their customers to be able to create stronger experiences.

Last but not least, JRB wanted a cost-efficient solution. According to Eli, in ecommerce people tend to stick to the most common apps instead of working with the ones that prioritize customer growth along with theirs. He believes if one knows where to look, one can discover potentially better tools. Eli was absolutely right since with a simple Google search, he found a more effective platform that not only outperformed competing tools but also resulted in 50% cost savings.

The Solution

Jones Road Beauty started using Retently in March 2022, to create personalized, automated NPS and CES campaigns that collect valuable customer feedback in no time.

The user-friendly dashboard that hosts all CX survey data paired with advanced reporting capabilities for an in-depth analysis makes it simple for Jones Road Beauty to guide their decisions based on ever-changing customer needs.

Retently supports many relevant integrations, with Shopify and Slack being a priority for JRB. The Shopify integration enables JRB to segment feedback from in-store and online interactions, assisting their trend analysis and allowing for targeted improvements in each shopping experience.

Jones Road Beauty’s CX team is triggering post-purchase NPS surveys 2 weeks after the order fulfillment. These surveys are designed to go beyond the score, offering nuanced insights into different aspects, be it product quality, customer service, shipping and delivery, or website experience.

The automated workflows ensure that the customers receive the surveys in due time and are not over-surveyed. Using the survey delay and throttle options is very important for similar brands as it helps avoid survey fatigue among respondents. Moreover, JRB tailors survey distribution to cater to international versus US customers, given each group's distinct challenges, particularly in shipping and delivery.

To close the feedback loop and be able to follow up on pressing issues, the brand receives alerts in Slack when a negative NPS or CES score is provided, as well as daily and weekly digests for an in-depth overview. The ability to work with the feedback directly from Slack helps Eli’s team quickly react to the most relevant feedback.

Results With Retently

Jones Road Beauty has been using Retently for a while now, which was enough to surface the brand’s impressive commitment to customer success and fantastic customer experiences.

The brand managed to receive tens of thousands of customer feedback records, speaking of an impressive audience that requires proper attention. The company is holding an imposing CES score of 96%. The NPS campaigns are catching up, too, bringing up a very good score above the industry average.

Retently campaigns allow JRB to track NPS for the US and international markets separately in order to spot emerging trends. These campaigns have been essential in differentiating market-specific feedback, particularly noting how international shipping times might impact customer satisfaction scores. The share of Promoters across campaigns speaks of great customer satisfaction levels and loyalty toward the brand.

Yet the company does not rest on its laurels but takes active action by approaching the share of Passives and Detractors and addressing their concerns. Jones Road Beauty recognizes the importance of customer feedback in driving the success of the brand.

The team actively uses feedback analytics to identify areas for improvement and prioritize development efforts. By understanding what customers love or dislike about the brand and its processes, Jones Road Beauty is able to make informed decisions and focus on improving its products and creating memorable customer experiences.

The service helped them discover that their most loyal customers:

  • Love their products Love their products
  • Are satisfied with the provided customer service Are satisfied with the provided customer service
  • Appreciate the great value and the reasonable price Appreciate the great value and the reasonable price

The company learned about areas requiring more attention for an excellent customer experience, leading to immediate service recovery actions. For example, Passives and Detractors were unhappy with some delivery or customer support aspects. Based on the trend analysis, JRB improved customer communication around delivery expectations, visibly boosting customer satisfaction scores.

JRB uses Slack for real-time alerts, allowing the team to address issues as they are reported. The instant feedback loop and the ability to segment feedback have enabled JRB to dig into critical areas swiftly while bringing customer support interactions to new levels of efficiency. What’s more, Retently is automatically classifying responses to better understand customer sentiment, which has been massively helpful to the brand.

As a result, Jones Road Beauty can make data-driven decisions by focusing more on streamlining processes and customer support interactions. What’s more, they could use their strengths in their marketing communications for a stronger brand message.

To keep the team up-to-date, besides immediate Slack notifications, JRB creates a weekly CX deck on broader trends to easily share with the entire team. It includes such data as response time, top tags, NPS, CES, and CSAT feedback. They also send feedback directly to specific teams: for example, QA issues to the respective team and broader data to product and marketing. This way, they can deliver on their commitment to continuously improving the customer experience and staying ahead of industry trends.

This underlines the responsive nature of JRB's customer experience approach, where feedback isn't just collected but is actively used to drive immediate improvements while keeping everyone attuned to customer needs.

In conclusion, JRB's use of Retently has proven to be a successful strategy for prioritizing retention and customer experience. By building lasting relationships with its customers and focusing on improving the overall customer journey, JRB has been able to drive customer lifetime value and improve its bottom line. Implementing Retently CX has been an important decision in this effort, providing valuable insights and allowing the brand to identify and address any pain points in the customer experience. Overall, JRB's commitment to customer retention and experience has paid off and will certainly continue to be a key focus for the brand moving forward.

Eli Weiss
Eli Weiss Sr Director of CX & Retention @ Jones Road Beauty

I found Retently on Google without any other kind of research, and I decided to pull the trigger. I'm blown away. I think it's a lot cheaper and better than anything I've used… We’re saving about 50% by choosing this platform compared to others.

I loved how simple it was to get started tracking NPS and CES with Retently. I had some questions getting set up, and they handled it within five minutes.

As a customer, I love supporting these companies that actually care. I want my negative and positive feedback to actually mean something.

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