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  • NPS, CSAT & CES NPS, CSAT & CES Send NPS, CSAT and CES surveys.
  • Multi-channel surveys Multi-channel surveys Survey customers via email, embed, link, in Intercom in-app messages, as kiosk survey, or trigger a pop-up survey in your web application.
  • Custom FROM domain Custom FROM domain Send email surveys from your own domain.
  • Email & Slack alerts Email & Slack alerts Receive immediate alerts, and daily or weekly digests via email or Slack.
  • Free data migration Free data migration Import customers and their feedback, as well as your survey settings from another service.
  • Custom survey design Custom survey design Change survey colors, layouts, buttons and position without coding.


$25 per month, paid yearly
Collect valuable customer experience
data - NPS, CSAT and CES feedback - across all communication channels.
  • Data export
    Data export
  • Basic NPS, CSAT & CES reports
    Basic NPS, CSAT & CES reports
  • Slack & CSV integrations
  • <span class=bold>Email support</span>
    Email support
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$199 per month
Centralize real-time data from across customer touchpoints and drive highly personalized experiences.
Everything in Basic plus:
  • Campaign automations
    Campaign automations
  • Advanced reports & Trends
    Advanced reports & Trends
  • Feedback text analytics
    Feedback text analytics
  • Account-level NPS & CSAT scores
    Account-level NPS & CSAT scores
  • All integrations (*except Salesforce) & API
  • <span class=bold>Zoom, live chat</span> support
    Zoom, live chat support
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$399 per month
Analyze client sentiment, spot trends in customer satisfaction, and understand the key drivers impacting the overall CX.
Everything in Pro plus:
  • Salesforce 2-way integration
    Salesforce 2-way integration
  • Automated feedback tagging
    Automated feedback tagging
  • SSO & 2FA authentication
    SSO & 2FA authentication
  • Onboarding & implementation
    Onboarding & implementation
  • Dedicated CSM
    Dedicated CSM
  • Custom DPA & contract
    Custom DPA & contract
  • Pro integrations + Salesforce & API
  • <span class=bold>Zoom, chat, dedicated CSM</span>
    Zoom, chat, dedicated CSM
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Premium Features
Basic Pro Ultimate
  • Main features
    Basic Pro Ultimate
  • Email surveys tooltip
  • Link surveys tooltip
  • Intercom messenger surveys tooltip
  • In-app surveys (web pop-up) tooltip
  • Kiosk surveys tooltip
  • Anonymous employee surveys (eNPS) tooltip
  • Transactional surveys tooltip
  • Embed survey tooltip
  • Survey sampling tooltip
  • Survey delay tooltip
  • Survey throttling tooltip
  • Feedback management tooltip
  • Feedback import tooltip
  • Email addresses cleanup tooltip
  • Antivirus detection tooltip
  • Data residency tooltip
  • Custom FROM domain tooltip
  • Custom survey URL tooltip
  • No Retently branding tooltip
  • Multi-language survey templates tooltip
  • Template merge fields tooltip
  • Templates A/B testing tooltip
  • Multiple survey questions tooltip
  • Automation features
  • Automated recurring surveys tooltip
  • Survey reminders tooltip
  • Automated email follow-ups tooltip
  • Webhook events tooltip
  • Question routing tooltip
  • Page redirect tooltip
  • Customer lifecycle surveys tooltip
  • Email & Slack alerts tooltip
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Survey queue tooltip
  • Survey outbox tooltip
  • Audience and feedback segmentation tooltip
  • Data export tooltip
  • NPS benchmarks tooltip
  • Feedback analytics tooltip
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis tooltip
  • AI-powered text-analysis tooltip
  • Integrations
  • Rest API tooltip
  • Slack tooltip
  • Zapier integrations tooltip
  • Make integrations tooltip
  • CSV tooltip
  • Mailchimp tooltip
  • Klaviyo tooltip
  • ActiveCampaign tooltip
  • Zendesk tooltip
  • Freshdesk tooltip
  • Shopify tooltip
  • Gorgias tooltip
  • Chargebee tooltip
  • Intercom tooltip
  • Pipedrive tooltip
  • HubSpot tooltip
  • Segment tooltip
  • Salesforce tooltip
  • Custom integrations tooltip
  • Customer support
  • Email support tooltip
  • Live chat support tooltip
  • Priority chat queue tooltip
  • Zoom support tooltip
  • Dedicated account manager tooltip
  • Dedicated onboarding & implementation tooltip

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are survey credits?

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Survey credits indicate the number of surveys you can send to your customers within one month. Every time you send an email survey, or every time a customer opens an in-app (web), link, or Intercom survey, a survey credit will be spent.

Survey credits will be also spent if you survey the same customer multiple times or if you send them reminder surveys.

What happens when I reach the survey limit?

open/close faq

If you run out of survey credits, email and in-app (web) surveys will be queued and will resume when your survey credits quota will reset the next month. The link and Intercom surveys, on the other hand, will be unaccessible for your customers until your survey credits are replenished.

You can request a one-time survey credits add-on for an extra payment to ensure that your survey process will not stop.

Do survey credits reset every month?

open/close faq

In our default subscription model your survey credits are replenished every month. Custom subscriptions may include a total number of survey credits that will reset yearly.

Is my plan limited on responses?

open/close faq

Retently doesn't limit the number of responses you receive. However, you will be charged an additional $100 per month for every 100,000 survey responses/feedback records stored in your account. Retently's value comes from analyzing customer feedback trends, so keeping all responses is usually the best approach.

How many customers can I import?

open/close faq

Retently doesn't limit the number of customers you can import from CSV files, sync automatically via native integrations, or import using our API. However, it's important to note that you will be charged an additional $100 per month for every 100,000 survey responses/feedback records stored in your account. This typically translates to 1 million contacts in your account. Retently's value comes from analyzing customer feedback trends, so keeping all responses is usually the best approach.

Can I translate the survey?

open/close faq

Yes, you can edit and translate a survey's rating question, the open-ended question, the multiple-options question, the thank you message, and the Unsubscribe page.

Can I ask multiple questions?

open/close faq

Yes, besides the main rating and open-ended questions, Retently allows adding additional rating, multiple-option and open-ended questions, to gain more insight into the customer feedback. The questions can be personalized based on the customer’s response.

What is a survey campaign?

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A survey campaign includes its own survey template, will target a particular segment of your audience, will deliver surveys on its own schedule or trigger, and will include its own set of notifications and autoresponders.

Survey campaigns are ideal if you want to survey customers in different languages, if you want to survey your audience on different products, or to measure your customers' experience at different stages in their lifecycle journey.

Can I use another rating scale?

open/close faq

Retently gives you the possibility to measure different customer experience metrics, and each of them has it's own survey template with a different rating scale: NPS (0 - 10), CSAT (1 - 5), CES (1 - 7), and 5-STAR (1 - 5).

Can I embed the survey template?

open/close faq

Apart from triggering in-app (web) surveys which will be displayed in your web application as a pop-up, you can easily distribute the link to your survey by email or via any platform you find most suitable for your audience and business goals, be it Intercom, MailChimp, HubSpot, social media, etc.

Can I export the data?

open/close faq

You can export all your customer and survey data from the Dashboard, Feedback, Outbox and Audience pages, as well as via Zapier, webhooks, and API while your Retently subscription is active. Some native integrations such as Intercom, HubSpot, or Salesforce, will automatically export a customer's last rating and feedback and add it to their profile.

Once canceled, your data will be deleted within 30 days.

Can I buy additional user seats and campaigns?

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Yes, you can get extra users for $10 per month and additional campaigns for $20 per month.

What customers are saying

Companies from across the globe choose Retently to fuel their business growth

Keith Hayden

Retently has played a big role in helping us to reduce churn by acting quickly on the feedback provided and get quotes and testimonials. Fantastic support team, which is always on hand to help with any questions. I would highly recommend it!

Keith Hayden Customer Marketing @ Roomex
Elizabeth Lang

Retently is the only tool that we have reviewed that scored 95% on our scorecard, and we have been left extremely satisfied and surprised about the genuine greatness of this product. I will definitely recommend Retently.

Elizabeth Lang Digital Marketing @ Taxfix
Chris Brubaker

We've been blown away by the response rate of in-app surveys.

Using our old solution, our response rate was about 13%. Over the last 24 hours, our response rate has been 52%.

This has been a fantastic result and I really appreciate how responsive and helpful Retently has been.

Chris Brubaker SVP, Marketing @ Suki
Anja Hartzell

The product is easy to use, yet includes a lot of relevant features, and gives us a great overview of the NPS results. The service is exceptionally good. We always receive instant answers to any question and personal demonstrations if it's required.

Anja Hartzell Customer Success Officer @ Wizdom Intranet
Nicolas Costa

The product is super simple to set up and manage. Very intuitive. But the best of all is their support. They are literally always available to dedicate time to me and my business challenges.

Nicolas Costa Director of Customer Operations @ Koombea
Kellie Andrews

I really like how intuitive and easy it was for me to send my first survey. I was able to upload a logo, customize questions, link to my MailChimp customer list, and send the survey in under 20 minutes. You can't beat that!

Kellie Andrews Founder and Chief Connector @ Huntsville Hub
Nerissa Roberts

Everything is easy to find and is very flexible. The support from the Product team is outstanding and will often take suggestions from clients and implement, I feel like my voice and concerns are being heard.

Nerissa Roberts Senior Operations Manager @ Forgood
Christian Arzt

Great customer service! Really fast and solution oriented. Just keep on going.

Christian Arzt Business Development Manager @ Dr. Peters Group
Martin Guindon

We've been really happy with the software AND the support provided by your team!

Martin Guindon Director, Systems & Business Intelligence @ Absolunet
Derk Ihler

It's easy to set up and use. And it simply works.

Derk Ihler Head of Customer Success @ HQLabs GmbH
Tim Niziak

Great customer experience, very accommodating to our company's ever-changing list of requirements.

Tim Niziak Digital Marketing Manager @ PureCars

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