Customer satisfaction surveys for Pipedrive

Sync contacts and accounts from Pipedrive, send customer satisfaction surveys, collect and analyze customer feedback.

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Customer satisfaction surveys for Pipedrive

Track and improve customer satisfaction

Use Retently to get a constant pulse on your customer satisfaction and gain an accurate understanding of how your company, product, or service is perceived.

Uncover areas that require improvements or strengths that put you ahead of your competition.

Sync your customers and their properties from Pipedrive

Sync contacts and lists from Pipedrive to Retently to easily filter survey results by customer segment, region, product, or any other contact property available in Pipedrive.

Send automated, personalized surveys

Reach Pipedrive contacts via automated and highly personalized survey campaigns.

Automatically follow-up or send reminder surveys to the ones who did not provide feedback.

Close the feedback loop

Send survey reminders and automatically trigger personalized autoresponders based on the received survey score and feedback.

Follow up with unsatisfied customers to learn more about the challenges they’re facing, or invite Promoters to your referral program.

Integrate code-free, no developers required

Integrate Pipedrive and Retently quickly and hassle-free!

The integration setup is code-free and doesn’t require developers - just authorize your Pipedrive account, create a new survey campaign, and start collecting valuable customer feedback.

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