Gain more insight into the customer experience with our native integrations and fully optimize your Customer Success workflows

Integrate with other services to automate your business processess, workflows and scenarios and connect over 750 web apps. Integrations will help you save time, reduce costs, and give you an all-in-one platform you can work with to boost customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase retention. Try out these integrations to make tracking Net Promoter Score even easier.

Zapier is a platform that lets you connect over 750 different services, so that a process or action in one application will trigger an action or event in another, while exchanging the data between all the involved platforms and applications

You can connect Retently to Zapier, and automatically send surveys triggered by other applications or events across your CRM, marketing automation or Help Desk.

Intercom is a great tool for managing customer communication and engagement. Use our native Intercom integration to automate your Net Promoter Score campaigns. This integration allows you to import and automatically sync your customers into your Retently account. It will also automatically export NPS scores and feedback to Intercom as custom properties tied to your customers. This process will help you segment customers and personalize their interactions.

Use our Slack integration to bring your customer feedback directly into your Slack instance. Setup a notification or custom workflow then choose Slack as a delivery channel and every time a customer leaves a score or sends an open-ended feedback, the response will be published in real-time to a selected channel in Slack. You and your team members can brainstorm over a reported issue and work together towards solving the problem and closing the feedback loop.

Integrate Retently with MailChimp, one of the biggest email marketing services that has over 120 million users and sends over 100 million emails every day.

MailChimp provides tools for designing, sending and saving your email templates. MailChimp integration is the perfect solution for automating your NPS process that will bring significant time savings and give you a single platform you can work in.

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing products on the market. Use our native integration to import and sync your Constant Contact customers, automatically segmented and ready to be surveyed right away! You can also automatically export NPS scores and feedback and attach them to your customers in Constant Contact so that your next email campaigns are adjusted and personalized for your customers satisfaction.

Other Retently Integrations


Import, automatically synchronize and survey your AWeber contact lists.


Import, automatically synchronize and survey your Hubspot leads and customers.

Campaign Monitor

Import, automatically synchronize and survey your Campaign Monitor contacts.


Import, automatically synchronize and survey your GetResponse contact lists.