Retently NPS integrations

Explore our native and Zapier powered integrations, to connect the apps and web services you use every day.

Integrations give you the ability to create custom automated scenarios and workflows such as importing and syncing new customers, triggering transactional Net Promoter Score surveys, adding NPS scores and feedback as custom fields into other systems, and more.

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Explore Zapier integrations

Zapier is a service that helps you automate processes between over 1,000 different services, to track an event in one web application and trigger an action in another. Connect Retently to Zapier and import new contacts, send transactional NPS surveys, export feedback, and create tasks based on customer responses.

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customer relationship management

Zoho CRM

Import new customers and leads to Retently, and trigger specific actions in Zoho CRM based on the received feedback.

Sugar CRM

Automatically import new customers, users, and leads to Retently and create tasks in Sugar CRM based on a client’s NPS score.

Agile CRM

Import new contacts to Retently, and create tasks, notes, or tags in Agile CRM based on customer NPS responses.

Marketing automation


Import new prospects, or update old contacts in Retently, and add them to a Regular campaign or trigger Transactional NPS surveys.


Automatically import new leads to Retently, and reassign them to different lists based on their NPS responses.


Import contacts to Retently after a specific action and send them messages from Infusionsoft based on their NPS score.



Every time a new purchase is recorded in Kajabi, import the customer to Retently and trigger a transactional email NPS survey.


Import new customers to Retently and keep your list synced, or send a transactional NPS survey to the ones that placed an order.


Send a transactional NPS survey to customers that placed a new order, and create a discount coupon in Ecwid based on their score.

Customer support


Automatically import new users to Retently and tag them in Kayako, or create an event based on their last NPS score.


Send a transactional NPS survey to a customer after a ticket was closed, or create a new ticket based on a their NPS score.


After a chat with a customer has been ended, import the contact to Retently and trigger a transactional NPS survey.

Task management


Whenever a customer responds to an NPS survey in Retently, automatically export the score and feedback to a new card in Trello.


Automatically export a customer’s last NPS score and feedback from Retently to Asana and create a new task.


Export a customer’s last NPS score and text feedback from Retently to Jira and automatically create a new issue.


Use Retently API to integrate with your web application

Our API allows you to connect Retently to your web application or an on-premise software. The API gives you the possibility to build custom integrations, workflows and scenarios using Retently OAuth.

  • List your customers from Retently
  • Get latest customer NPS score
  • Get latest customer feedback
  • Create and update customers in Retently
  • Send transactional NPS surveys