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Looking for a reliable, better-priced alternative? Read how etently can offer you a better NPS survey platform through additional product features, more integrations, and round-the-clock support. Alternative - Retently

Which Type of Business Does Each Service Work Best for?

Both Retently and appeal to the same type of businesses, but is less suited for SMBs because of the steep pricing, and also not suitable for SaaS and eCommerce businesses because it doesn’t support web surveys (in-app).

Retently Retently

  • SaaS and eCommerce

    Subscription-based and retail online brands that are looking for a quick, efficient way to collect customer feedback.

  • SMB

    Small-to-medium-sized businesses that need a reliable way to improve customer experience management.

  • Mid-Market

    Mid-market companies that are looking for an accurate way to track and act on customer feedback.

  • Mid-Market

    Businesses in industries like retail and leasing which are looking for a platform that offers multiple types of customer surveys. & Retently - Features

Retently and seem a bit tied at first in terms of features, but - with Retently - you get more monthly surveys, survey channels, and transactional campaigns too. Also, the features offered by come with a steep pricing.

Features Retently logo Retently Retently logo
Survey Channels Email, In-App, Intercom Email
NPS Campaigns Regular, Transactional Regular
Features Retently logo Retently
Survey Channels Email, In-App, Intercom
NPS Campaigns Regular, Transactional
Features logo
Survey Channels Email
NPS Campaigns Regular

Retently Unique Features

We built Retently with NPS in mind, and we offer users unique perks that make customer experience management easier which they otherwise wouldn’t get with

In-App Web Surveys In-App Web Surveys limits you to only sending email surveys, and has no support for in-app web surveys. That means you will miss out on a lot of relevant feedback since in-app web surveys are vital to successful product development. With Retently, you get to run in-app web surveys to keep track of all relevant feedback - alongside email and Intercom surveys too.

Transactional NPS Campaigns Transactional NPS Campaigns offers access to campaigns, but only regular ones. With Retently, you get transactional campaigns on top of regular ones, so that you have more chances to interact with customers and ask for feedback. And while offers decent campaign management and access to customer lifecycle NPS, Retently gives you all that, and extra control over your audience, survey templates, scheduling, notifications, and custom workflows - all in one place.

Highly Customizable Survey Templates Highly Customizable Survey Templates gives you some decent customization options for your survey templates, but you’re still faced with limitations.
Retently allows you to customize pretty much everything in your survey template:

Multi-Language Setup Multi-Language Setup limits you to 39 languages with the built-in language selector. Retently, however, goes the extra mile and gives you full reign over how you want to customize the language in your surveys. You aren’t limited by any language selectors or predefined translations. Instead, you can fully customize your NPS survey texts and translate them as you need.

No Survey Branding No Survey Branding

None of our surveys contain any branding - they’ll only resemble your own company. still restricts you to having their branding on your surveys.

Effortless Workflows & Automation Effortless Workflows & Automation

With Retently, you can automate a lot of your NPS tasks and surveys with multiple integrations. While you can do something similar with, Retently offers you access to workflows that can save lot of time (for instance, you can automatically follow-up and start conversations with respondents who don’t leave any text feedback).

24/7 Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support

We have a dedicated support team that works non-stop to make sure all your questions are answered, and that you always receive the assistance you need as fast as possible. With, you might have to wait a while to get a response sometimes, or pay extra for priority support (only available with the pricier Scale and Enterprise plans).
Measure your company's NPS

Measure your company's NPS

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Measure your company's NPS
Measure your company's NPS

Retently UI

Retently offers you a very intuitive and user-friendly UI. You really don’t need any time to get used to it.

  • The menu icons are self-explanatory.
  • All the things you need are in one place.
  • New, unfamiliar users have an easy time figuring out how to use Retently.
  • Clear, concise data visualization.
  • Easy access to campaigns and automation options. UI’s Dashboard is well put together. It features design that’s equally visually pleasant as Retently, and you have easy access to everything you need.

  • The menu is nicely ordered and easy to navigate.
  • Sometimes, test email results don’t properly display in the Dashboard.
  • Campaign results could use a clearer NPS score display. & Retently - Integrations Comparison

With Retently, you get to enjoy more native integrations.

Integrations Retently logo Retently logo
Native integrations 12 8
Zapier integrations +1300 +1300
Custom integrations API API
Integrations Retently logo Retently
Native integrations 12
Zapier integrations +1300
Custom integrations API
Integrations logo
Native integrations 8
Zapier integrations +1300
Custom integrations API & Retently - Pricing Plans Comparison

Here’s an overview of the monthly billing options with Retently and It’s pretty easy to see that Retently is a much better priced alternative - especially when you consider all the features it offers.

Retently logo Retently Monthly Billing
Basic $39/month
Growth $99/month
Premium $199/month
Enterprise Custom
Retently logo Retently Monthly Billing
Basic $39/month
Growth $99/month
Premium $199/month
Enterprise Custom logo Monthly Billing
Start $99/month
Growth $249/month
Enterprise Custom logo Monthly Billing
Start $99/month
Growth $249/month
Enterprise Custom

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The Bottom Line

Overall, Retently is a much better option if you’re looking for a platform with an extremely intuitive design, better automation, a large variety of survey channels, without a hefty price tag. can be a decent option, but only if you don’t mind the expensive pricing, smaller number of integrations, and are solely interested in sending regular NPS surveys through email.

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