How to Turn NPS Feedback Into Reviews, Recommendations and Referrals

How to Turn NPS Feedback Into Reviews, Recommendations and Referrals

Net Promoter Score® lets you measure and analyze customer satisfaction to learn more about what people like (and dislike) about your product or business. It’s a valuable metric – for most companies and it’s the most valuable metric available for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A good Net Promoter Score can fuel your business growth, generate word-of-mouth referrals from promoters and help you grow without spending as much on traditional advertising or inbound marketing.

That is if you put your NPS® to work. Without a clear strategy for turning NPS feedback into growth, it’s easy to run a business that people like but don’t talk about.

With a clear customer advocacy strategy, you can turn your Net Promoter Score into a valuable marketing tool that generates referrals, encourages new customers to sign up for your product or service, incentivizes repeat purchases and massively speeds up your business’s growth rate.

Below, we’ve outlined four techniques that you can use to turn your NPS data into a scalable process for generating word-of-mouth referrals, strengthening your brand through reviews and discussions, and fueling the organic growth of your business.

Great feedback? Ask customers to spread their love on social media

You get what you ask for. There’s a reason why customers that rate your business as 9 or 10 are called Promoters: they’re so happy with your product or service that they feel totally confident to recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

Despite this obvious incentive, many businesses do not see their promoters as a valuable marketing asset, but as reassurance that their product or service is satisfactory. They read their feedback, check the high score, pat themselves on the back and move on to other tasks.

While most promoters might be thrilled with your business, few will take action unless you give them a small, friendly push. Engage them and provide an instrument to do it.

One of the simplest ways to turn feedback from your promoters into a valuable marketing asset is to follow up with an email asking them to go public.

Instead of only responding to your Passives and Detractors, make an effort to close the feedback loop with all of your customers. In many ways, it’s more important to close the loop with a Promoter than with a Passive, since one is far more motivated to talk about your business than the other.

After you’ve reviewed a promoter’s feedback, reach out to them directly and tell them how much you’d appreciate them sharing their thoughts with others:

  • If you’re an upcoming startup with entrenched competitors, ask if they could upvote you on comparison websites like AlternativeTo or G2Crowd.
  • Give them direct links and ask to share their satisfaction on social media.
  • If your product is an iOS, Android or Mac app, ask them to review your product in the App Store, Mac App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Another great “push” is to reward their efforts. You can offer your promoters a gift in a form of a free subscription or appealing discount if they complete the goal of sharing their review.

Over time, the reviews and ratings of your product’s promoters can add up, rewarding you with stronger rankings, more traffic, more downloads, more sales, and more revenue. All it takes is a quick follow-up message to every promoter. This can be easily automated by using a specialized NPS software.

Turn organic Promoters into partners and referrals

Most Promoters have limited reach and influence. They’re happy to rate and review your product on directories and comparison websites, but most aren’t capable of reaching thousands of other prospective customers with their feedback.

The few that are, however, can be the most valuable marketing partners you’ll ever work with.

If you discover that one of your happiest promoters is also a blogger or thought leader with their own audience, reach out and offer to work together via an affiliate-merchant relationship.

Most bloggers that reach your target audience will be happy to write about your product for their readers, especially if you can pay them a percentage of the revenue they produce via an affiliate commission.

Affiliate programs are particularly effective for SaaS products. Industry-leading SaaS companies like Leadpages, Ontraport, and many others have built their user bases not just through internal marketing efforts, but through publicity generated by affiliates.

Not all of your promoters will make great affiliates, but the few that do could become important parts of your marketing and growth process.

How customers can help your business grow

Create Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

Promoters can do more for your business than just generate positive word of mouth. If you have a customer or client that’s particularly pleased, you must develop an in-depth Customer Success Story or Case Study around their experience.

Another way to put NPS feedback to work for your business is to adapt it into a short text or video testimonial.

While testimonials are great for converting people who are already interested in your product or service, they’re less effective at reaching out to entirely new audiences and explaining how your product or service can help people.

Customer Success Stories and Case Studies are especially powerful for B2B companies, where using your product or service can lead to a measurable increase in key performance indicators for your customers.

Instead of only learning that a customer is satisfied, as they would via a testimonial, prospective customers get a detailed look at why and how your product or service produced positive results and value.

And since personal success stories revolve around a specific person or company, they create a level of social proof that a bland, data-driven case study can never convey.

Seize every opportunity to turn detractors into promoters

Receiving negative feedback from customers hurts, especially if you feel you’ve worked hard to deliver the best possible service.

Luckily, relationships with detractors (customers that rate your product between one and six on the NPS survey scale) aren’t always a dead end. With the right follow-up, you can turn things around and convert unhappy detractors into your most passionate promoters.

We touched on this in our guide to NPS for SMB. By closing the customer feedback loop and overdelivering after a bad experience, you can turn even the most frustrated detractor into someone that’s thrilled with your service.

From here, you can implement the same steps as listed above to turn the relationship from one that’s purely negative into one that lets you acquire new customers, strengthen your brand and dramatically increase your customer lifetime value.

Turn your satisfied customers into brand advocates

Start turning your promoters into brand advocates now and fuel your business growth with Retently. Sign-up for free, connect your favorite services, run an NPS survey and engage your customers.


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