The Promoter's Blueprint: What Sets Them Apart

The Promoter's Blueprint: What Sets Them Apart

According to research by McKinsey & Company, anywhere between 20% to 50% of a company’s revenue thrives on referrals and good old word-of-mouth. In some industries, like SaaS, it may even be as high as 80%.

Yes, you read that right. Somewhere between 20 to 80% of every dime you earn is thanks to customers you’ve made happy – those we fondly call Promoters in the world of NPS®.

Imagine your company makes $2 million a year in revenue. Let’s break it down – roughly 35% of that, or $700,000, is driven by word-of-mouth recommendations from your loyal customers. The remaining $1.3 million comes from advertising and direct sales, both of which take a 50% cut into your profit. This leaves you with a net profit of around $650,000. That’s the power of Promoters.

As a decision maker, which of these two channels would you rather use to boost revenue? The answer is obvious.

Here’s the catch most people miss – the customers responsible for driving a significant 35% or more of your revenue represent just a fraction of those willing to recommend you. On average, only 20% of a company’s Promoters will actively endorse their product or service without specific engagement.

Let’s put it in perspective with our earlier example. In simpler terms, if you don’t engage with your Promoters, you could be leaving a staggering $3.5 million on the table.

Now, take a deep breath. Before you dive headfirst into your next NPS campaign, eager to reach out to your Promoters, it’s critical to understand what a Promoter is and how to truly connect with them.

What makes an NPS Promoter 

Ask most people how to spot and engage a Promoter, and they’ll likely suggest hunting for the customer with the largest social network and asking them to drop a recommendation on Facebook or some other social platform.

Those ideas are not wrong by any means. Yet, online endorsements represent only 7% of all word-of-mouth recommendations. And when it comes to Promoters, it’s not about the size of their network, but rather the message that they’re spreading.

The truth is that Promoters are far more than just an online nod of approval. They’re loyal customers, your faithful advocates, the guardians of your brand, and the ones ready to stake their reputation for your sake.

To really understand what a Promoter is all about, let’s dive into some examples.

Imagine a thriving financial services company, let’s call it Top Finance. Top Finance has consistently impressed its clients with top-notch services, and their customers are more than satisfied. In fact, these customers not only endorse Top Finance on social media but go a step further.

For instance, one satisfied customer, let’s call them Alex, is a proud and loyal customer of Top Finance and has no intention to change ships. They’ve been borderline extraordinary and that’s the formula for advocacy.

By NPS standards, Alex is a Promoter of Top Finance. He’s more than willing to endorse them socially, but that’s only the beginning. Here’s what being a Promoter means in the real world:

Their loyalty runs deep

Take Alex, for example. He most probably received numerous tempting offers from competitors with cheaper rates or enhanced features, yet Alex remains unwavering in his commitment to the brand. 

Promoters don’t just recommend you tirelessly but also stick with your brand through thick and thin. They provide stability to your business and are often the first to embrace your expanded offerings, even if it means paying more.

They’re fierce brand defenders

NPS Promoters don’t just sing your praises; they’re your frontline defenders. They can and will disarm any naysayers singlehandedly. Whether it’s entering the fray in a comment section or engaging in a spirited Twitter debate, your Promoters are always ready to champion your cause.

Promoters have a simple yet deep explanation. They understand that when a company consistently delivers a great product backed by an incredible team, there is simply no desire to switch.

They’re committed to your brand’s success

Promoters not only sing your praises but also care about your brand’s improvement. They offer constructive feedback, helping you identify critical areas that need attention. For example, a Promoter who loves a productivity app may proactively suggest features that could make it even better, showing their dedication to your brand’s continuous growth.

They’re willing to go the extra mile

While a social media endorsement is a bold statement, your most dedicated Promoters often take it up a notch.

Consider Sarah, who comes from a family of small business owners. Both her parents have thriving enterprises with strong community reputations. As an entrepreneur herself, Sarah has been cautious about giving advice or endorsing products, fearing potential disappointments that might tarnish her reputation. TechVista was the exception, a product she felt confident enough to wholeheartedly endorse. While Sarah’s endorsement didn’t reach her entire network, it was highly targeted and carried more weight than a mere suggestion to friends. As a result, she directly recommended them to at least five new customers. Have you considered the lifetime value those five customers might bring to your business?

The Impact of Promoters

Promoters, those loyal champions of your brand, bring more than just good vibes. They don’t just buy your stuff; they bring more customers, spend more money, and spread the word like wildfire. What’s more, customers who receive recommendations from trusted friends or colleagues tend to be easier to convert, have above-average ARPC/LTV, and are inclined to refer others in turn.

Hence, Promoter impact can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s dig into statistics to see how these loyal supporters can transform your company: 

1. Improved Customer Conversion and Revenue

When you have Promoters in your corner, you’re not just winning loyal customers; you’re boosting your bottom line. Data and statistics paint a clear picture of the growth driven by Promoters:

  • Studies show that customers referred by Promoters are four times more likely to make a purchase compared to those who haven’t received such a recommendation.
  • Promoter-referred customers spend 25% more on average per transaction, giving your revenue a significant lift.
  • 65% of all new business comes from referrals.

2. Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Promoters aren’t just one-time buyers; they’re here for the long haul. Their loyalty translates to a higher Customer Lifetime Value, making them incredibly valuable assets. Let’s compare the CLV of Promoter-referred customers:

  • Promoter-referred customers have a 32% higher CLV compared to non-referred customers.
  • They tend to stick around 3-5 years longer, ensuring a steady stream of revenue over time.
  • Your investment in nurturing Promoters pays off as their CLV can be up to 25 times higher than their initial purchase.

3. Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Promoters are your brand’s best marketing tool. Their endorsements have a ripple effect that reaches far and wide. Here are some statistics that showcase the effect of Promoter recommendations:

  • A single Promoter can influence up to 20 other people to try your product or service.
  • Promoter-referred customers are more likely to become Promoters themselves, creating a self-sustaining cycle of advocacy.
  • Promoter-driven word-of-mouth referrals generate five times more sales than paid advertising.


Customer loyalty is a rare gem and NPS Promoters are your most valuable assets. Cherish them, engage with them, and listen to their feedback. They are the driving force behind your success, and understanding their anatomy is key to unlocking sustained growth. Never underestimate the value of your Promoters; you might be the sole company they openly support, and they’re putting their reputation on the line just for you.

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