Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

Over the past years Net Promoter Score® has become a key metric to understand customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately an actionable metric for enhancing your product or service’s ability to deliver delight.

Net Promoter Score and Closing the Feedback Loop

A simple way to close the feedback loop is to ask open-ended questions and explain how you plan to act on the valuable information your customers’ share. This will confirm that you understand their pain points and will continue to strive to make their business successful.

Also, you should let your customers know that the changes they’ve asked for have been implemented and the issues resolved.

Only by showing a commitment to consider their feedback seriously will differentiate your business from other competitors and will help you turn Passives and Detractors into Promoters.

Engaging your Promoters

Promoters are your most satisfied and loyal customers. But they aren’t just loyal to you – they advocate for you. You probably already know them by name and have a personal relationship. They’ve likely already provided testimonials, acted as references, written an online review, or talked up your brand at industry trade shows.

It’s easy to assume that such engaged clients are “no action needed”. However, this is not the case. Promoters should be engaged regularly. Happy, satisfied customers can quickly change their mood if they feel they are not a priority.

By closing the loop with promoters in particular, you validate and reinforce their positive feelings about your brand and prove their feedback is crucial to your success.

Understanding your Passives

The two extreme ends of the NPS range, promoters and detractors, seem fairly straightforward to deal with.

These customers are satisfied, but have no enthusiasm for your product. This makes them particularly vulnerable to competition. Often, they recognize a need for your type of product but are not convinced your business has the best offering. This makes for an excellent opportunity to surprise and delight them.

Delighting your Detractors

There’s little that’s more discouraging than accessing your Net Promoter Score platform to discover that your NPS score is not the one you have expected to have.

Dealing with unhappy customers is an unpleasant part of any job, but one that has never been more necessary. Changing a customer’s mind after the damage has been done is definitely a challenge. When following up with your detractors, be transparent about where you’ve gone wrong in the past and how you plan to fix it.

One of the difficulties of negative feedback is that it’s typically purely reactive. The feedback can be unexpected or come at an inopportune time, leaving you scrambling to satisfy your customers needs.

The advantage of proactively seeking feedback via an automated solution like Retently is it gives you time to consider the information fully before reacting. Rather than dealing with on-the-spot complaints, you have an opportunity to consider your approach in advance and offer the best possible service to your clients when you do follow up.

Closing the customer feedback loop
Closing the feedback loop

Timing is everything

Once you’ve told your customers you plan to reach out, it’s an absolute necessity that they hear from you. It is important to choose right time to send NPS surveys. Better way is to contact the customers in less than 48 hours after the NPS campaign has been launched, otherwise the likelihood of holding a meaningful follow-up conversation is zero. Plan to block out some time each day to review and respond to feedback immediately.


The goal of an NPS system is to capture critical customer feedback and leverage that information to the benefit of the organization. Many businesses use customer feedback for informing their product roadmap, preventing customer churn, encouraging customers to leave testimonials, etc.

Closing the customer feedback loop is one of the simplest ways you can reinforce a positive experience or rectify a negative one. Customers want to know that their time and opinions are valued by you. There is nothing more frustrating than giving thoughtful constructive criticism and never receiving a follow-up.

Use Retently NPS to connect with your customers and close feedback loop effectively!

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