4 Ways to Close Sales Opportunities Using NPS

Close sales opportunities with NPS

Most people think of Net Promoter Score® as a system for measuring customer satisfaction and improving retention.

But NPS® can be far more than this. When used creatively, Net Promoter Score can play a key role in your prospecting and sales process by letting you learn what customers are looking for and how you can provide it.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can use NPS as a sales research tool to help you close more sales opportunities and convert more prospects into paying customers.

If you use Salesforce or another CRM app, you’ll find many of these tactics valuable in helping you move prospects from the “Opportunities” stage into successfully closed deals that produce real revenue for your business.

Survey your prospects to discover their expectations

We’re big fans of customizing your NPS survey to better fit your needs as a business. One way to put this into practice is to customize your survey so that prospects respond with feedback on their expectations for your product, rather than with general feedback.

Learning more about your prospects’ expectations makes it far easier for you to convert leads and sales opportunities into lucrative deals that produce long-term, recurring revenue.

Using NPS this way is simple. Instead of surveying your customers, create a new audience for your NPS survey using your prospects. Modify the wording of your survey to reflect your new audience and wait for the ratings and responses to flow in.

Retently makes it easy for you to create different survey templates. You can customize every part of your NPS survey, such as changing your email’s subject line, add custom images to represent your brand and change survey colors.

You can also customize your survey message. Since you’re surveying an audience of prospects instead of customers, it’s important to use your introduction message effectively to set the tone and make the respondents feel comfortable.

Because this audience isn’t made up of customers, it’s also a good idea to customize your NPS message to better match the type of feedback you’re seeking.

Retently’s new Campaigns feature also gives you the possibilities to create multiple NPS campaigns, which target different segments of your customer base and can run based on custom automation rules.

Used effectively, pre-sale NPS can give you a new level of insight into the expectations of your customers — insight that can help you reach out to prospects, hone your sales process and turn more opportunities into successfully closed deals.

Use your NPS data to create a more appealing value proposition

One of the biggest benefits of NPS is that it gives you direct feedback on what your real, paying customers want from your product.

This can be extremely valuable for your sales process. By analyzing the feedback you get from customers that already pay for your product, you can quickly and easily identify the features and benefits they view as being most important.

Using this data, you can refine and improve your value proposition by focusing on the features and benefits that your clients mention in their feedback. Instead of relying on assumptions, you can craft your value proposition around data-driven observations and user feedback.

One of the most common reasons deals fail is because the people responsible for selling the product don’t understand the needs of the customer. With NPS, you can use real feedback to refine the focus of your value proposition and focus entirely on what customers really need.

We covered this point earlier in our guide to Net Promoter Score for sales, noting that one of the keys to sales success is understanding your customers’ needs. Simply put, with better insights into customer needs from NPS, you’ll find it easier to craft an effective value proposition.

Close sales opportunities with NPS
Close sales opportunities with NPS

Revive inactive opportunities using NPS

From time to time, even the strongest opportunities go quiet. If you’ve accumulated a large number of opportunities going dark, sending an NPS survey is a great way to reconnect and kick-start the sales process once again.

Using NPS to reignite dead opportunities is simple. Instead of sending your NPS survey to your existing customers, create a custom audience using your list of inactive sales opportunities, then use your NPS survey as a way to ask for their honest feedback on your product or service.

When they provide feedback, use it as an opportunity to reconnect and restart the sales process.

The great thing about this tactic is that it gives you direct, transparent feedback on why the deal hasn’t progressed. Using this feedback, you can refine your sales pitch and better connect with each prospect, increasing the likelihood of each opportunity converting into a sale.

While not everyone will respond to your survey, the ones that do send an important message — that they’re still interested in talking to you, even if just to provide feedback. Build on this with an effective pitch and there’s a serious chance of that feedback turning into a lucrative deal.

Use feedback to improve your product for future prospects

Beyond helping you hone your value proposition and improve your sales pitch, NPS feedback makes it much easier for you to identify areas that need improvement and develop a stronger, better product.

Implementing customer feedback is a key aspect of closing the feedback loop. When you read feedback from your existing prospects and customers, create a list of action items so that your team can put their feedback into practice and make real improvements.

Using feedback to improve your product lets you reconnect with prospects in the future and start the sales process again on a stronger footing. It also makes every future sale easier, since your value proposition is enhanced by a better product.

In our guide to NPS for marketing managers, we advocated using NPS as a tool to set goals for your marketing team. Used effectively, NPS can be just as valuable as a goal setting tool for product development and improvement.

There’s no better marketing tool than a great product. Turn prospect and customer feedback into real, tangible improvements to your product and you’ll find it far easier to turn opportunities into sales and prospects into paying customers.

Start using Net Promoter Score now

Retently is designed from the ground up to make implementing Net Promoter Score as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about NPS and create your free trial account to start surveying your prospects and customers today.

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