Retently + MailChimp

Import your customers and streamline automation with Mailchimp

Mailchimp integration

Retently's native MailChimp integration makes it easy to automate your Net Promoter Score processes and collect voice of customer insights. In a few clicks you'll have your accounts connected, your customer data synchronized and your NPS campaign up and running.

By integrating with MailChimp you can automatically import your subscribers from all your MailChimp lists and keep them up to date. Retently's automation engine will survey your subscribers on a regular basis and will keep you updated on your NPS performance.

You can also use Zapier to connect your MailChimp account to Retently and get more insights on your customer satisfaction and loyalty by sending exit surveys to unsubscribed customers.

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Connect with MailChimp in three easy steps:

  1. Integrate: Connect to your Mailchimp account via its native integration with Retently
  2. Import: Select one or more lists with subscribers and select the Sync button to import them
  3. Forget: Turn the auto-sync option on and Retently will automatically import your new customers
Watch our short tutorial to see how it works:

Works great with Zapier

Our native MailChimp integration allows you to import all your existing subscribers to Retently, which is enough to run a basic Net Promoter Score campaign. But if you want to gain more insights into customer satisfaction and automate your NPS processes even more - use MailChimp together with our Zapier integration.

Try these three zaps to learn more about your customers:

Survey new subscribers: Whenever you add a new subscriber to a specific MailChimp list, it will be automatically imported to your Retently account and surveyed according to your Automation settings.

Exit surveys: When one of your contacts unsubscribes from a specific MailChimp list, Retently will send him an NPS survey to help you understand why he decided to leave.

Segment respondents: You can create a new list in MailChimp and automatically fill it with all your survey respondents. A great opportunity to email and send them a gift of appreciation for their feedback.