Splitit increased their NPS
by 51% using Retently

Splitit increased their NPS by 51% using Retently

Net Promoter Score

Brand Overview

Splitit is a global payment solution provider that revolutionized the way consumers pay for their purchases. By offering the ability to pay in interest-free installments using their existing credit card, Splitit has become a go-to payment option. Founded in 2012, the company has quickly gained a reputation for being reliable, secure, and convenient.

In addition to providing a handy payment solution for consumers, Splitit also helps brands improve conversion rates and increase their sales by offering an alternative payment method that may be more appealing to certain customer segments. Splitit's technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing payment systems, making it a hassle-free and effective solution for both consumers and brands. The payment platform is accepted by more than 3,000 ecommerce merchants in over 30 countries. and is available to shoppers in 100+ countries.

Splitit’s Challenges

Like any growing company, Splitit has faced a number of challenges when it comes to CX. In their case, these revolve around two customer segments: brands and consumers.

To start with, an important challenge for Splitit has been building and maintaining strong relationships with merchants and other partners. In order to succeed, Splitit must work closely with these stakeholders to ensure that its payment platform is integrated seamlessly into its systems and processes. This requires strong communication and trust and can be a significant challenge in a competitive and fast-paced market.

Splitit has had to also deal with the challenge of managing customer expectations and staying responsive to their changing needs. The company has had to work hard to deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to retain its customers and attract new ones. This calls for continuous monitoring and improvements in customer sentiment.

Ensuring that the payment process is smooth and easy for consumers is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. Splitit strives to provide a seamless and hassle-free payment experience for its customers, but occasionally issues or delays may arise. In these cases, it is important for Splitit to have strong communication processes in place to promptly address any issues and resolve them to the satisfaction of the customer.

To navigate the competitive landscape of the buy-now-pay-later industry, Splitit must build awareness of its payment solution among both consumers and merchants and constantly strive to differentiate itself by offering unique value. This requires a focus on innovation and a commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

Overall, these challenges have required Splitit to be agile, innovative, and customer-centric in order to succeed and grow.

The Solution

To address the various CX challenges, the company implemented Retently, which provided a range of features and capabilities that helped Splitit improve the payment experience for consumers and effectively manage customer needs and concerns.

Hence, Splitit uses Retently to track and measure the satisfaction of both shoppers and merchants across channels in separate campaigns.

For example, by using Retently’s API, Splitit is sending out transactional surveys to its customers 2 months after their initial transaction to be able to find more about their satisfaction with the payment process, any issues they encountered, and any suggestions they have for improvement. Using a link campaign, Splitit could also touch base with merchants every 3-6 months to gather feedback on the value they receive from the payment solution.

Splitit uses Slack integration to receive immediate or weekly updates on customer feedback. This allows the company to stay informed about the latest trends and insights from their customers in real-time or regularly. By keeping customer feedback front and center, Splitit makes sure that they remain attuned to customer needs.

Retently provides a range of analytics and reporting features that allow Splitit to gather and analyze customer feedback and preferences. This enables the company to identify areas for improvement and make changes to its payment solution in order to better meet the expectations of both customer segments and continuously improve the overall experience.

Results with Retently

Splitit focuses on the Net Promoter Score as a key metric for understanding and measuring their success. By tracking NPS over time, Splitit is able to gauge the overall level of customer satisfaction and loyalty with their payment solution. Since implementing Retently, Splitit has seen a 51% increase in its NPS score, indicating a significant improvement in the customer experience.

Splitit has put a lot of effort into refining its survey template (including several multiple-options and open-ended questions) to better understand the value that its payment solution provides to customers. The survey is used to gather customer feedback and preferences, which are then analyzed and used to inform improvements to the payment solution. This allows the company to continuously evolve and optimize its payment solution in order to meet its customers’ changing needs and preferences.

To better understand and more efficiently analyze customer feedback, Splitit segments the collected data by various trends (attached to the two respondent segments):


  • by merchant country by merchant country
  • shopper scores by top merchants shopper scores by top merchants


  • by consumer country by consumer country
  • card network card network

By breaking down the data into specific categories, they can more easily identify patterns and trends within the feedback. This allows them to effectively target specific areas for improvement and make more informed decisions about their payment solution.

According to Splitit's analytics, the majority of customers appreciate the ease of use, ease of approval, and ease of setup of their payment solution. These features are highly valued by customers and are consistently cited as areas of satisfaction in customer feedback. By focusing on its strengths, Splitit is able to provide a positive customer experience and build customer loyalty. In addition, these features also make it more likely that customers will recommend Splitit to others, further contributing to the company's growth.

Overall, Splitit's goal was to develop a payment solution that would improve people's lives by providing a more convenient and hassle-free way for them to use their existing credit. They wanted to create something that would fit seamlessly into their lives and make their financial experiences more straightforward and efficient. This would not have been possible without a customer-centric approach and a comprehensive CX tool that would help Splitit to better understand the needs of its customers.

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