How Bouclair Surpassed 65% Survey Response Rates with Retently

How Bouclair Surpassed 65% Survey Response Rates with Retently

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Brand Overview

Founded in the 70s, Bouclair began its journey as a family-driven home décor and furnishings retailer. Over the years, it has rooted itself in the homes of its customers, becoming one of Canada's leading destinations for modern, affordable, and stylish décor solutions. Throughout its range of products, from classy window coverings to elegant furniture pieces, the brand has shown its commitment to quality, innovation, and style, earning the loyalty of countless consumers.

In its nearly five decades of operation, Bouclair has not only expanded its retail footprint but has also embraced the digital, making its products accessible to a broader audience. This blend of in-store and online experiences highlights the brand's mission to create a stylish and functional living space for everyone, regardless of budget or location.

Bouclair's Challenges

Bouclair had several challenges in mind when started looking for a new CSAT software vendor. First of all, they were trying to reduce software costs, given the amount paid for their previous survey product - Stella Connect. They aimed to enhance the AI analytics capabilities, which were somewhat basic with the previous provider. They were looking to increase survey response rates in order to secure more accurate feedback. For this, they needed more personalization capabilities, including addressing customers in both English and French - language being a sensitive aspect for many of the French-speaking customers. Their main focus was post-helpdesk interaction assessed via CSAT. That’s no surprise since it meant coaching and evaluating 40+ support agents.

Moreover, to ensure they consistently provide appealing offerings, the company needed to stay responsive to evolving trends. Yet, for Bouclair, it wasn’t just about providing unique products; it was about creating a distinct identity and building lasting relationships with its customers.

This meant pinpointing potential friction areas, bottlenecks, or anything that might detract from overall customer satisfaction. Most platforms often came up short in providing the depth required for genuine insight. This highlighted the need for survey software capable of collecting comprehensive feedback and translating it into actionable data via intelligent analytics and reporting features.

So, Bouclair was ready for a new perspective on customer engagement, deeper insights, and more informed decisions.

The Solution

Bouclair has always put customer service at the forefront of its business, seeking ways to spot issues early on and improve customer interactions. To take their commitment a step further, Bouclair turned to a data-driven approach, employing Retently’s advanced AI analytics capabilities.

The transition to Retently was seamless, keeping historical data intact while leveraging the integrations offered, including Salesforce. This enabled Bouclair to easily personalize campaigns and trigger relevant CX surveys, that resonate with its customers, once a case in their CRM is resolved (for example, delivery or return). What’s more, setting up was incredibly smooth and efficient, with Bouclair getting everything up and running in just a few minutes.

The main goal was to understand how customers felt after interacting with their support agents. So, they chose to start with transactional CSAT. The metric gauges customer satisfaction across all support interactions, not just the last one, providing a comprehensive measure of their experience with the service, product, feature, or interaction. Focusing on Bouclair’s CSAT campaign, it is triggered automatically and sends email surveys to customers explicitly asking about their satisfaction with the support agent they talked to.

This approach was not just about gathering feedback; it showed Bouclair's genuine interest in ensuring every customer support interaction was up to standard. By sending surveys in both English and French, Bouclair not only embraced inclusivity but also addressed a critical concern - some customers were notably frustrated with English-only communications. This bilingual strategy confirms Bouclair's commitment to outstanding customer support, making everyone feel valued and heard.

The Solution

Results with Retently

One of the most striking results Bouclair has achieved is the impressive response rate which reached a noteworthy 65%. For email surveys, this is an astonishing number, with some in the industry struggling to get 10%.

When set against CSAT benchmarks, Bouclair's CSAT score is very good as well - 86%, to be precise - further highlighting the brand's consistent focus on customer satisfaction.

Diving deeper into the analytics, they have boards dedicated to individual agents, distinct teams, and various departments, where they can see the time frame, scores, and respondent distribution for each team. Individual agents, too, have specific scorecards. Such a detailed approach helps Bouclair keep a close eye on performance metrics across the board, ensuring that high standards are maintained consistently.

Customer service, coupled with efficient support time, emerges as the top positive driver for Bouclair. By consistently showing interest in their customers' opinions and ensuring quick and effective responses, they've fostered a strong engagement culture. As a result, customers are highly motivated to respond with equally positive engagement, clear from the excellent scores and response rates.

Analytics further highlight that over time, the sentiments expressed by customers have improved and maintained a healthy score, meaning service remains Bouclair's strong suit. Moreover, the brand achieved these positive outcomes while cutting costs by half.

The best part about Retently for Bouclair's team was how easy it was to use. The design was clear, and they could quickly see important information like customer responses, emerging topics, and trends. Plus, the reports and all captured data were organized in a way that made sense. Thus, Bouclair could listen to what their customers were saying and make changes based on that feedback.

Results with Retently

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