Retently + Intercom

Boost your email marketing campaigns with voice of customer surveys

Constant Contact integration

Learn what your customers love or dislike about your company and send personalized emails to fit their needs and meet their expectations.

The integration can be set up in a few easy steps and no technical knowledge is needed. You'll be able to import one or more customer lists from your Constant Contact account and also keep them synced automatically.

Learn how to set up the Constant Contact integration

Your contacts will be imported with their existing tags, so you can send segmented surveys and filter NPS data. This will help you gain in depth-insights of the performance of your business's certain aspects.

Boost your email marketing with Zapier

Our native Constant Contact integration keeps all your customers synced through your accounts. But Zapier will help you really level up your email marketing and NPS strategies.

How to personalize your emails?

Learn more about your customers and personalize your emails

  1. Update contacts:

    Whenever a customer gives your a score or leaves feedback, sync this data back into your Constant Contact account. This will help you create personalized email flows.

  2. Exit surveys:

    When one of your contacts unsubscribes from a specific Constant Contact list, Retently will send him an NPS survey to help you understand why he decided to leave.

  3. Segment respondents:

    You can add customers that answered to surveys to a specific list in your Constant Contact account. A great feature is you want to email and send them a gift of appreciation for their feedback.