Retently Enterprise offers you the ability to measure patient satisfaction, while allowing your organization to own and manage the data.

Monitor patient satisfaction

Monitor patient satisfaction levels to ensure care standards are maintained at a high level.

Understand patient experience

Be aware of your patients’ experiences and expectations they have of your organization.

Gather honest feedback

Conduct anonymous NPS surveys to encourage honest feedback.

Increase profitability

Improve the quality of treatment while increasing the financial profitability of your organization.

Identify patient concerns

Identify critical patient concerns and issues and take action to address them.

Build patient loyalty

Identify factors that enhance patient and physician loyalty and satisfaction.

Improve Patient Care with Retently Enterprise

Retently NPS helps you get the answers you need to make improvements across your organization.

We make gathering feedback process easy - and we help protect patient privacy with secure, HIPAA-compliant features. It gives you an additional way to safeguard the security of protected health information you collect through online surveys.


Improving Healthcare with 

Net Promoter

If your organization wants to collect healthcare information online but has obligations under HIPAA - we can help. Download our HIPAA Whitepaper to learn more.


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