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How SaaS Companies Can Project Monthly Revenue Using NPS

How SaaS Companies Can Project Monthly Revenue Using NPS

Monthly recurring revenue, or MRR, is the lifeblood of any SaaS business. If your company is charging the clients on a monthly base, signing up new customers and keeping them onboard has an incredible impact on your revenue, growth rate and profits.

The only problem is that MRR can be notoriously difficult to calculate accurately. As customers join and cancel, projecting your monthly recurring revenue for two, three or six months into the future can be a serious challenge, even for the most data-focused businesses.

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4 Ways to Close Sales Opportunities Using NPS

Close sales opportunities with NPS

Most people think of Net Promoter Score® as a system for measuring customer satisfaction and improving retention.

But NPS® can be far more than this. When used creatively, Net Promoter Score can play a key role in your prospecting and sales process by letting you learn what customers are looking for and how you can provide it.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can use NPS as a sales research tool to help you close more sales opportunities and convert more prospects into paying customers.

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Who Should B2B Companies Survey: Key Contacts or Product Users?

Who Should B2B Companies Survey: Key Contacts or Product Users?

Here’s an interesting question for B2B companies that use Net Promoter Score to get feedback from their clients:

Scenario: You run a B2B company that sells software. Who should you survey? Should you ask your key contact to complete your NPS survey, or should you send it to every user that engages with your product?

Based on our reading, it seems that the majority of Net Promoter Score users believe it’s best to survey your key contact. However, we think there’s a case to be made for both options, plus the third option: sending your NPS survey to end user and your key contact.

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Retently Transactional NPS – Do it With Zapier

Retently Transactional NPS - Do it With Zapier

A great advantage of the Net Promoter System, aside of its simplicity and insightfulness, is that it works with any business models such as B2C or B2B, and business types and industries.

Originally, the NPS surveys were sent at standard intervals, such as every quarter, once every six months and so on. This surveying model is known as Relationship NPS, which measures how your customers satisfaction with your company or product changes over a specific period of time. And this is a model that would fit any company that wants to implement a basic Customer Success strategy.

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5 Examples of Poor Net Promoter Score Practices

One of the biggest strengths of Net Promoter Score is its simplicity. Once you’ve built a large enough customer audience and started using Net Promoter Score product, surveying your customers and acting on their feedback becomes a simple, scalable process.

Despite this, a surprisingly large number of businesses make avoidable mistakes when using the Net Promoter System to gather feedback.

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Is Your Net Promoter Score Biased?

NPS bias

Is your Net Promoter Score a reliable metric for judging what customers think of your business, or is it biased? This is a common question that can be particularly worrying for small businesses that maintain a close relationship with their customers and clients.

For example, can you trust Net Promoter Score data if the customer that left it happens to be a personal friend or acquaintance? Can you trust your Net Promoter Score as a whole if you keep in close contact with a large number of your customers and clients?

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How Amazon maintains an impressive NPS

Amazon NPS

From its humble beginnings as an online bookseller, Amazon has grown to become one of the world’s largest eCommerce businesses. But unlike many massive multi-national organizations, Amazon remains incredibly popular with its customers.

So popular in fact that Amazon accounts for 5% of total US retail turnover (nearly $68 billion in 2013). In terms of NPS, Amazon’s score is 50% higher than main street stalwart Macy’s.

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Rackspace’s Key Strategies for Achieving the Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Hosting Industry

Rackspace customer satisfaction, Fanatical Support

Rackspace is a respected managed hosting company that strongly focuses on the commitment to their customer experience strategy, also called Fanatical Support®. This reputation helped them grow into one of the largest infrastructure providers with a revenue run rate of more than $1 billion and an incredible Net Promoter Score® of 58.

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