7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

It’s easy to view conversion optimization as a luxury. After all, when your team is busy working on new features and improving your product, the idea of spending the time to potentially achieve a small uplift in conversions can easily seem wasteful.

Of course, this ignores the fact that conversion optimization is all about the small, measurable changes that can have an immensely positive long-term effect on your business.

If your net sales are current $5 million per year, all from your website, a mere 2% increase in your conversion rate can earn your business an extra $100,000 annually.

A 15% increase — which is completely achievable for most businesses — can help you rake in an extra $750,000 per year. Raise your conversion rate by 25% and you’ll increase your annual revenue by a cool $1.25 million.

It’s clear that while these small changes can seem like a waste of time at first, their long-term effects can be compounding and significant. Add a few percentage points to your conversion rate every month and before you know it, your business could double in size.

Below, we’ve shared our seven most effective strategies for improving your conversion rate, ranging from simple changes to your landing page to customer surveys aimed at understanding what your customers want and how you can deliver it.

All are simple, straightforward and easy to implement, meaning there’s no reason you can’t put them into practice for your business to start generating more leads, sales, and revenue.

Understand your customers better using NPS surveys

Marketers often focus on superficial page elements like buttons and headlines when they first begin optimizing for conversions. While this can produce an increase in leads and sales, a far more effective strategy is to focus on better understanding your customers.

By surveying your customers using Net Promoter Score surveys, you’ll get a far more complete understanding of why they use your product, how your product differs from its competitors and what you can do to improve their experience.

This feedback can be immensely valuable for improving your product and creating a stronger offer, making it easier to convert more visitors into paying customers.

Use testimonials and video reviews to build social proof

Conversion optimization experts agree – social proof is one of the most effective ways to build trust with your target audience and improve your conversion rate.

Almost all of the web’s most successful businesses use social proof to boost conversions, from customer testimonials to badges from digital security firms, logos of payment processors and a variety of other items to signal that they’re trustworthy and reliable.

The fastest and easiest way to add social proof to your landing page is to feature testimonials from your customers. A series of focused testimonials that address the concerns and objections of your target audience can have a huge positive impact on your conversion rate.

NPS surveys can also help you easily collect real and quality testimonials from your customers. After you’ve received a text feedback from a Promoter, you can follow-up and ask them permission to post their response to your website.

Beyond text testimonials, try asking your best customers to record video reviews to use on your landing page. From a conversion optimization perspective, video can be more powerful than text and have a measurable impact on your conversion rate and return on investment.

Make it easier for prospects to become customers

One of the most common landing page mistakes is adding too many web forms, fields, and other virtual hoops for prospects to jump through in order to become customers.

People are naturally impatient, and even the most motivated would-be customers will close your website’s tab or window in search of an easier competitor if they’re forced to fill in an overly long and complicated form.

Follow the age-old K.I.S.S. principle of a landing page and form design — keep it simple, stupid. If your registration form is long, ambiguous or difficult, try removing fields and ask only for the most important information, such as email address or first name.

It only takes a small level of inconvenience for a “sure thing” customer to lose interest and turn back. Keep your landing page and registration forms as simple as possible and you’ll notice an obvious reduction in your form abandonment rates and an equally big increase in conversions.

Experiment with different headlines and value propositions

Headlines, button colors and fonts have become the focal point of almost every “ultimate guide” or one-size-fits-all approach to conversion optimization.

Tulos, an SEO and conversion rate optimization agency located in Finland, achieved a 127% increase in sales for a client by making small, simple changes to their landing page’s headline.

Headlines and subheadings matter. Far more users will read them than your content, making it especially important that they’re short, punchy and effective. While headlines shouldn’t be your first conversion optimization priority, they should also be somewhere on your “to test” list.

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate
7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Test short landing pages against longer, content-heavy pages

One of the easiest tests you can carry out as a marketer or business owner is a simple A/B test of a short landing page against a long-form landing page.

The short versus long copy debate is one of the oldest in marketing, with almost everyone in the industry sharing their opinion and experience. Instead of settling for someone else’s advice, the best way to find out if a long or short copy is better for your business is to test it.

If you currently use a long landing page with thousands of words of copy, try shortening it to 500 or fewer words for a shorter, punchier message. If you currently use a short landing page, help it grow into a 1,500+ word resource and run an A/B test against the shorter landing page.

Effective conversion optimization is all about testing. Experiment with short and long copy and you’ll quickly discover which works best for your business, giving you empirical data instead of the assumptions that most marketers rely on.

Remove buzzwords, jargon and other reader-unfriendly languages

Jargon and buzzword abuse is a common conversion rate killer. If you sell a B2B product, such as an online SaaS application or a consulting service, there’s a serious possibility that the words you use in your copy are hurting your conversion rate.

If your copy is full of long, complicated, multi-syllable words, there’s a good chance you can get a higher conversion rate by simplifying it. One simple A/B test you can perform is to rewrite your copy at a fourth or fifth-grade reading level, then test it against your jargon-filled landing page.

Clarity is one of the most important elements of effective copy. By cutting out jargon and writing simple copy that everyone in your target audience can understand, you can produce a serious increase in your conversion rate.

There are no rewards in marketing for having the most elegant and beautiful language. The only reward that matters is a strong conversion rate, and the best way to achieve one is to keep your writing shorter, simpler and easier to understand.

Keep your landing page up to date and relevant

While some products are evergreen, most aren’t. From fashion to software, you’ll need to keep both your product and your landing page copy up to date and relevant in order to have the best impact on your target audience.

People are far more responsive to current, up-to-date content than they are to copy that’s years old. Update your landing page frequently and you’ll be able to highlight your product’s latest and greatest features, its compatibility with other products and the value it offers to customers.

Currentness is credibility, and credibility is essential for effective marketing. From your website’s homepage and promotional landing pages to its blog, frequently updating copy and content shows your target audience that you take your business — and their needs — seriously.

Improve your conversion rate now with customer feedback

Retently makes it easy to survey your customers and learn what they think of your product, from their favorite advantages and benefits to new features they’d like to see added in upgrades and updates.

Learn more about how Net Promoter Score can help your business and start using Retently to accurately survey your customers now to improve your customer retention rate and generate more revenue.

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