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5 Examples of Poor Net Promoter Score Practices

One of the biggest strengths of Net Promoter Score is its simplicity. Once you’ve built a large enough customer audience and started using Net Promoter Score product, surveying your customers and acting on their feedback becomes a simple, scalable process.

Despite this, a surprisingly large number of businesses make avoidable mistakes when using the Net Promoter System to gather feedback.

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12 Great NPS Survey Question and Response Templates

12 Great NPS Survey Question and Response Templates

There’s much more to Net Promoter Score than just the quantitative ratings users leave for your product.

By asking the right questions to your customers, you can earn valuable feedback, generate real testimonials for your website and even discover opportunities for improvement to help you create a better product or service.

Just like the wording, phrasing and tone of a question can have a huge impact on the person’s response in a real conversation. Your choice or words can have a massive effect on how your user or customer audience responds online.

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Transactional vs Relationship NPS: What’s the Difference?

One of the biggest advantages of Net Promoter System is its versatility. From the end of every quarter to just after a major transaction, NPS gives your business the ability to get real feedback from customers at any moment in the customer life cycle.

This creates an interesting question: Is it better to survey customers on a regular basis, such as at the end of every quarter, or to survey customers after an important event or transaction?

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Does Net Promoter Score Work for B2B Companies?

NPS for B2B companies

Some people argue that Net Promoter Score® surveys don’t work effectively for B2B (business to business) companies. We argue the opposite — that Net Promoter Score is just as valuable for a B2B company as it is for a business to consumer brand.

One reason for this common misconception is that almost all of the content available both online and offline about NPS® is aimed at a B2C audience:

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Is Your Net Promoter Score Biased?

NPS bias

Is your Net Promoter Score a reliable metric for judging what customers think of your business, or is it biased? This is a common question that can be particularly worrying for small businesses that maintain a close relationship with their customers and clients.

For example, can you trust Net Promoter Score data if the customer that left it happens to be a personal friend or acquaintance? Can you trust your Net Promoter Score as a whole if you keep in close contact with a large number of your customers and clients?

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6 Customer Retention Tips for Merchandise Businesses

When your business is built around a subscription, such as a SaaS application or an ongoing service, customer retention is somewhat built into the product. In order for customers to keep using it, they need to keep paying their monthly or annual bill.

When you sell any type of physical goods, the process of retaining customers changes. The goal is no longer to keep customers on board with a monthly or annual subscription, but to encourage them to come back to your brand – rather than your competitors.

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